Netrunner League

+1 Gaming is hosting its second Android: Netrunner league! League nights Mondays starting September 2. $5 entry. Play as many games you want to earn achievements! 

We had a lot of fun the first go-round and can’t wait to see more great games and crazy achievements. Newer players are definitely welcome! Participants will get a promo copy of Scorched Earth at the end of the league, and we also have prizes for top performance and sportsmanship. Entry is $5 so go ahead and sign up at the counter!

The six-week-long league starts Monday, September 2 (Labor Day) and ends October 14. League nights will be Mondays, but players can set up matches for any day of the week. You must play at +1 Gaming with match slips submitted the day of the game. There is no maximum for total league games played, but you can’t play the same opponent more than once per week.

Each match will consist of two games, so that each player gets a chance as both runner and corp. We will use the system of match and prestige points found in Fantasy Flight’s revised tournament rules (2 prestige is earned from winning a game, but prestige is no longer earned by winning overall matches.) There is no time limit for matches, but time may be called as the store is closing, and players will each have one more turn. A maximum of five proxy cards per deck will be permitted, but for the benefit of newer players, each proxy must contain all the pertinent information that is on the original card (no shorthand). If more data packs are released during this league, the cards from them will be permissible for league games (e.g., Opening Moves).

Match slips, achievement tracking, and sportsmanship nomination will be available in the league binder at the front counter. Please ask Angela if you have any questions or concerns, or send an email. angela at plus1gaming dot com

What You Need

You will need a corp deck, a runner deck, and tokens for every match you play. You will also need to pick up a match slip at the counter before your games and submit it the same day.

Corp Achievements

30 possible

  • Horizontal Merger (Playing as all 4 corporate factions)
  • Shareholder (Playing as 5 corp identities)
  • Golfer (Playing as 8 corp identities)
  • Chairing the Boards (Playing as all 11 corporate identities)
  • Sheeple Herder (Winning 5 games as corp)
  • I Can Haas (Winning as 3 different Haas-Bioroid identities)
  • Psych Out Specialist (Winning as both Jinteki identities)
  • Watching Out For You (Winning as both NBN identities)
  • Industrial Strength (Winning as both Weyland identities)
  • Status Quo (Winning against Anarch)
  • Justice (Winning against Criminal)
  • Innovation (Winning against Shaper)
  • Business as Usual (Winning by scoring agenda points)
  • Bugzapper (Flatlining the runner with net damage)
  • Assassin (Flatlining the runner with meat damage)
  • Shock Therapist (Flatlining the runner with brain damage)
  • Pacifist (Winning without ever inflicting damage, tagging the runner, or trashing runner cards)
  • Shoo, Fly (Depleting the runner’s hand without flatlining them that turn)
  • Security Professional (Inflicting 9+ damage in one turn)
  • Master of Temptation (Triggering 4+ ambushes in one game)
  • Gotcha! (Tagging the runner 6+ times in one turn)
  • Planned Obsolescence (Forfeiting 6+ agendas in one game)
  • Rush Job (Installing and scoring a 2- or 3-point agenda in a single turn)
  • Momentum (Scoring 2+ agendas in one turn)
  • Image Unconscious (Gaining 6+ bad publicity)
  • The Lure of Overtime (Spending 6+ clicks in one turn)
  • Uncle Moneybags (Having 40+ credits in your credit pool)
  • Ulterior Motives (Winning with zero agenda points)
  • Company Pride (Winning with a deck using no influence)
  • Basement Pride (Winning with a deck using no influence and no neutral cards)

Runner Achievements

30 possible

  • Adaptability (Playing as all 3 runner factions)
  • I Took the Red Pill (Playing as 6 runner identities)
  • Cybershifter (Playing as all 9 runner identities)
  • 1337 (Winning 5 games as runner)
  • Warp and Weft (Winning as 3 different Shaper identities)
  • The Revolution Will Be Live (Winning as both Anarch identities)
  • Con Artist (Winning as both Criminal identities)
  • Whose Brain Is It, Anyway? (Winning against Haas-Bioroid)
  • What Man Was Not Meant to Know (Winning against Jinteki)
  • Where the Bodies Are Buried (Winning against Weyland)
  • Edited Footage (Winning against NBN)
  • No More Secrets (Winning by stealing agenda points)
  • It Wuz Werth It (Winning with 4+ brain damage)
  • Can You Hear Me Now? (Winning with 13+ tags)
  • All Your Idea Are Belong to Us (Winning by decking the corp)
  • Drill Baby Drill (Accessing 6+ cards in one run)
  • Poke Poke (Running 2+ times on your first turn)
  • Duck and Cover (Sustaining 9+ damage in one turn without being flatlined)
  • Hey, What’s That? (Accessing 4+ ambushes in one game)
  • I Think I’m Onto Something (Stealing 3+ agendas in one turn)
  • Wheeeee! (Running 4+ times in one turn)
  • Saboteur (Trashing 4+ corp cards in one turn)
  • Is That All You Got? (Stealing an agenda without spending any credits from your credit pool during that click, 2+ times in one game)
  • Totally Wired (Having 5+ base link)
  • Rigging the Game (Having 8+ MU available)
  • Max Powers (Having 8+ MU of programs in play)
  • I Robbed Uncle Moneybags (Having 40+ credits in your credit pool)
  • Look What I Can Do (Winning with zero agenda points)
  • Committed (Winning with a deck using no influence – Professor decks not eligible)
  • Committed to the Looney Bin (Winning with a deck using no influence and no neutral cards – Professor decks not eligible)


There will be two winners brackets: one based on the number of Achievements earned and one based on average Prestige points per match. League members may nominate up to 3 of their opponents for the Notoriety (sportsmanship) award. You may not nominate yourself!

To be eligible for Prestige awards, you must play a minimum of 6 matches. Tiebreaker for the Prestige award is percent of games won on your weaker side (corp or runner), followed by average match points. Tiebreaker for the Achievement award is fewer games played.

Achievement Awards
1st – Netrunner 2013 Season 2 Champion playmat
2nd-3rd – Scorched Earth promo

Prestige Awards
1st – Kate “Mac” McCaffrey promo
2nd-3rd – Scorched Earth promo

Notoriety (sportsmanship)
Store credit (based on entries)

Scorched Earth promo

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