Magic Celebration

Come play Mini-Masters for free! Each player gets a free pack of Magic 2014 to play with, and a pack for completing your score card! Celebrate Saturday, September 7 at Noon!

Magic Celebration is a great way to celebrate your favorite game! Enjoy an event courtesy of Wizards of the Coast at your favorite participating WPN Store!

What Happens There?

Play Magic at no charge!

Play a special format event with your friends, compliments of Wizards of the Coast!

Cool Downloadable Content for Magic 2014—Duels of the Planeswalkers!

Players participating in a Magic Celebration event can receive a code from their participating retailer for downloadable content for Magic 2014—Duels of the Planeswalkers!*

Other cool stuff may be happening, too! Contact your local organizer for more information about the event.

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Offer requires Magic 2014—Duels of the Planeswalkers game and respective game account.

What Do I Get?

Each Magic Celebration player receives one Magic 2014 Core Set booster pack** and achievement card**. After opening your booster pack, you’ll choose a Magic 2014 Core Set Sample Deck** to add cards from your booster pack to.

**While supplies last

What Can I Play?

Magic Celebration is a special format event.

To play, open your booster pack and choose a color of cards from your booster you want to play. Then, ask the tournament organizer for a Magic 2014 Core Set Sample Deck of that color to use as the rest of your deck.

Shuffle the cards you want to play from your booster pack into your sample deck and play three best-of-three matches with different opponents.

When you’ve played all of your matches, show your completed score card (on the back of your achievement card) to the tournament organizer to receive an additional Magic 2014 Core Set booster pack as a prize!

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