Monthly Archives: September 2013

Theros Release

We’re running drafts for both Friday Night Magics on September 27, and rolling drafts Saturday starting at Noon! $15 entry, Theros prizes to the winners!  Read More

Warmachine Equilibrium League

The final fight is now. Purge the land of this madness! $5 entry; the league runs Tuesdays starting September 10 at 6pm!  Read More

Theros Prerelease

We have four chances to play with Theros before release! Each event is $25. Begin your journey down the Hero’s Path. Preorder your booster box for $99.99!  Read More

Star Trek: Attack Wing

Play in the first event for Star Trek: Attack Wing’s organized play! This is the perfect way to learn Star Trek: Attack Wing. $5 entry, the battle begins Saturday, September 14 at 1pm!  Read More

Netrunner League

+1 Gaming is hosting its second Android: Netrunner league! League nights Mondays starting September 2. $5 entry. Play as many games you want to earn achievements!  Read More

Magic Celebration

Come play Mini-Masters for free! Each player gets a free pack of Magic 2014 to play with, and a pack for completing your score card! Celebrate Saturday, September 7 at Noon! Read More

Warhammer 40,000: Escalation

Grow your army from a small detachment to an engine of war! Army sizes increase every two weeks. $10 entry for prizes. The league starts Wednesday, September 4!  Read More