Magic 2014 Game Day

Come to Game Day and take home exclusive full-art cards! Standard format, $10 entry, 3 packs per player in the prize pool! First round starts at 1pm.

What Does a “Standard Deck” Mean?

The Standard format uses only the newest sets the game has to offer. The current block, the block that was released the previous fall, and the most recent core set are all legal to play in a Standard deck.

For more information on Standard, click here.

The following sets are Standard legal: Innistrad™, Dark Ascension™, Avacyn Restored™, Magic 2013™ Core Set, Return to Ravnica™, Gatecrash™, Dragon’s Maze™, and Magic 2014 ™ Core Set.

What Do I Get?

All participants receive an exclusive Hive Stirrings full-art promo card (while supplies last). The Top 8 players each receive an exclusive Goblin Diplomats full-art foil promo card. The cards are awarded to the Top 8 players even if the tournament cuts only to the Top 4.


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