+1 Magic Series Trial

This month’s Trial is Standard format, $15 entry, with 5 packs per player in the prize pool! First place gets a bye at our March Anniversary Tournament! 

The Tournament

Registration is Noon to 1pm. The tournament begins at 1:30. You will need to fill out a deck registration sheet, either during registration or before you come.

The tournament will be played in Swiss rounds to determine a top 8. The top 8 players will then play an elimination draft tournament with one new pack of each set.

The +1 Magic Series

The +1 Series is monthly tournaments culminating in our March Anniversary Grand Tournament. The top winner at each +1 Trial (like this one) gets a first-round bye on top of their cash winnings. If that player has already won a bye for the year, the bye goes to the next-highest ranked player who does not have a bye.

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