Monthly Archives: July 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! Judgment of the Light Sneak Peek

Get your first peek at the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! booster set! $20 entry for 5 packs, plus dueling for an exclusive playmat! Seating is limited to 16 so sign up early!  Read More

Pokémon: Plasma Blast Pre-Release

The event is Sunday, August 4, $30 entry. Registration is 1pm to 2pm. First round starts promptly at 2, so don’t be late!  Read More

Warmachine Steamroller

Test your mettle in our 50-point Warmachine Steamroller tournament! $5 entry, play starts at 11am on Saturday, August 3!  Read More

+1 Magic Series Trial

This month’s Trial is Standard format, $15 entry, with 5 packs per player in the prize pool! First place gets a bye at our March Anniversary Tournament!  Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day

July 27 is Yu-Gi-Oh! Day!  An international day to celebrate everything Yu-Gi-Oh, these events will take place at all Official Tournament Stores.  Read More

Magic 2014 Release

Prepare for the new Magic: the Gathering core set! Our release sealed event is Saturday, July 20 at 1pm. $25 entry for six packs!  Read More

Infinity Starter League

Come try one of the fastest growing new minis games, Infinity! Play with just a starter box or more. $5 entry, free with purchase of a starter set!  Read More

Munchkin Tournament

Sure, you can steal treasures and kill monsters within your own group, but are you Munchkin enough to win a really big game? Backstabbery begins Saturday, July 27 at 1pm!  Read More