Monthly Archives: June 2013

Magic 2014 Prerelease

We have four chances to play with Magic 2014 before release! Each event is $25 for six boosters and a free promo card! Preorder your booster box for $99.99! Read More

Warmachine Steamroller Tournament

We’re finishing off our Journeyman League with a 35-point Steamroller tournament! Relaxed time rules, two list option, $5 entry. Great for newer players!  Read More

Warmachine Entropy League

Chaos and entropy spread throughout western Immoren. Uncover its secret in the second season of Machinations! $5 entry; the league will last four weeks starting Tuesday, July 9. Read More

Warhammer 40,000: Helican League

Prepare for war in the Helican Sector in our Warhammer 40k summer league! Play at any point level to take critical holdings and claim the sector as yours. There’s something for everyone!  Read More

Magic ProTour Qualifier

Compete for an invitation the Pro Tour! Come Saturday, June 22 – registration is 9 – 10:30 am. $25 entry, Standard format, and $1,000 prize pool to the top 8!  Read More

Free RPG Day

We’re giving away tons of free roleplaying game stuff! Adventures, supplements, and even some core rule sets. Come by all day Saturday, June 15, while supplies last!  Read More

X-Wing Regional Championship

Prepare for epic space battle! The X-Wing Regional Championships are Saturday, June 8. Registration is 11am to Noon, $10 entry, 100-point dogfight rules. May the Force be with you!  Read More

Warmachine Journeyman League

Build your army from the ground up! The Journeyman League takes you from a starter box to a solid army in six weeks. $5 entry, Tuesdays starting May 28. Read More