+1 Magic Series Trial

This month’s Trial is a Sealed Dragon’s Maze tournament, Saturday, May 18! $40 entry, top 8 draft, cash prizes, and first place gets a bye to the March GT!

The Tournament

Registration is 10am to Noon. The tournament begins at 12:30. Each player receives two packs each of Return to RavnicaGatecrash and Dragon’s Maze. When the judge calls to open packs, each player will open their packs and write out their list of cards (the sealed pool). Once all sealed pools are recorded, the pools will be passed several times to a new player, and a time will be given for deck-building.

Each player has the option to drop from the tournament before passing their sealed pool.

The tournament will be played in Swiss rounds to determine a top 8. The top 8 players will then play an elimination draft tournament with one new pack of each set.


  • 1st Place wins $200 and a bye at the March GT (see below)
  • 2nd Place wins $100
  • 3rd & 4th Places win 18 booster packs of their set choice*
  • 5th – 8th Places win 18 booster packs*

*Booster backs can be swapped for $3 store credit each.

The +1 Magic Series

The +1 Series is monthly tournaments on the third Saturday each month culminating in our March Anniversary Grand Tournament. The top winner at each +1 Trial (like this one) gets a first-round bye on top of their cash winnings. If that player has already won a bye for the year, the bye goes to the next-highest ranked player who does not have a bye.

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