Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pokémon Battle Road

Come for a fun and exciting day of Pokémon Sunday, June 2! Registration begins at 1 pm, and round one starts at 2 pm. Entry is free!  Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh! Win-a-Case Tournament

Win up to six booster boxes of the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! set, Lords of the Tachyon Galaxy! $20 entry, register by Noon. 1st place wins 6 boxes!  Read More

Dragon’s Maze Game Day

Standard format, $10 entry, and tons of prizes! Everyone gets a full art Trostani’s Summoner for entering, top 8 get a full art Melek, Izzet Paragon and 1st gets an exclusive playmat!  Read More

+1 Magic Series Trial

This month’s Trial is a Sealed Dragon’s Maze tournament, Saturday, May 18! $40 entry, top 8 draft, cash prizes, and first place gets a bye to the March GT! Read More

Warmachine Steamroller Tournament

Bring your best 50 point army for this year’s first Steamroller tournament! $5 entry, optional second army list. The battle begins Saturday, May 11 at 11am!  Read More

Yu-Gi-Oh! Lords of Tachyon Galaxy Sneak Peek

$20 entry gets you 5 Lords of Tachyon Galaxy boosters. We’ll have open play until 7pm when our regular tournament starts. 32 player limit, so sign up early!  Read More