Hordes: Gargantuans Book Release

Prepare for weapons of monstrous destruction! The Hordes: Gargantuans book release event starts at Noon on April 14. $7 entry for prize support, and an exclusive coin for each Hordes faction! 

This format is a Hordes-only event that features the Trollblood, Circle Orboros, Skorne, Legion of Everblight, and Minion armies. This event coincides with the release of Hordes: Gargantuans and allows players to perform Glorious Deeds over the course of the day in a casual, free-play environment.

You will need a 50-point Hordes army. Gargantuans are NOT required to participate. The scenario uses the Weapons of Monstrous Destruction rules from the Gargantuans book, so you will need two warlocks! Painting is strongly encouraged but not required. Don’t forget your dice, templates and unit cards!

Glorious Deeds

Glorious Deed boxes are checked off at the end of each game by the EO. One game may fulfill the requirements for multiple deeds.


A player may be awarded each unlimited Glorious Deed multiple times during the event.

  • Play a one-on-one game: Each game finished awards 1 point.
  • Play a free-for-all game: Each game finished awards 2 points.
  • Win a one-on-one game: 1 point
  • Win a free-for-all game: 2 points


A player may be awarded each limited Glorious Deed only once during the event.

  • Play with a fully painted army: 2 points
  • Win a game by destroying all enemy warlocks: 1 point
  • Play against five or more different opponents (this includes free-for-all games; for example, you could play against three opponents in a free-for-all and two in one-on-one games for five total opponents): 2 points
  • Play with three different warlocks throughout the event: 2 points
  • Play an army in which all the models comprise two battlegroups: 2 points
  • Win a game without ever activating the excavation site’s machinery: 1 point
  • Activate the excavation site’s machinery three times in one game: 2 points
  • Create your own 120 mm base excavation site entrance: 3 points
  • Create your own forest, hill, shallow water, or linear obstacle terrain: 1 point each
  • Play a game with a huge-based model: 1 point
  • Trample over five different models in a single trample power attack with a friendly model: 2 points.
  • Destroy a huge-based model with a huge-based model: 2 points



The Champion medal goes to the player with the most Glorious Deed points. The winner of the Champion medal is not eligible for any faction medal prizes.

Faction Medals

The faction medals go to the player in each faction (Trollbloods, Circle Orboros, Skorne, Legion of Everblight, and Minions) with the most Glorious Deeds points.

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