Monthly Archives: April 2013

Warmachine Anomaly League

Something new is coming to Immoren. Uncover its secret in the second season of Machinations! $5 entry; the Anomaly league will last four weeks starting Tuesday, April 30.  Read More

Dragon’s Maze Launch Party

Play with the latest set for Magic: the Gathering – Dragon’s Maze! $25 entry for a sealed tournament. We’re using the rest of the Guild Packs from the Prerelease while they last!  Read More

X-Wing Game Day

All day X-Wing! Free promos to anyone who plays. We’re doing a Death Star trench run starting at 6pm. Also: cake!

Magic: Dragon’s Maze Prerelease

We have four chances to play with Dragon’s Maze before release! Each event is $25 for a sealed Guild Pack for your chosen guild and a secret ally! Preorder a booster box for $99.99! Read More

Pokémon: Plasma Freeze Pre-Release

The event is Sunday, January 27, $30 entry. Registration is 1pm to 2pm. First round starts promptly at 2, so don’t be late!  Read More

SCG Invitational Qualifier

Compete Saturday, April 20 for a $250 cash prize and a spot at the Star City Games Invitational, one of the top competitive Magic events in the country! $25 entry, register by 10:30 am! Read More

Hordes: Gargantuans Book Release

Prepare for weapons of monstrous destruction! The Hordes: Gargantuans book release event starts at Noon on April 14. $7 entry for prize support, and an exclusive coin for each Hordes faction!  Read More

Tabletop Day

Celebrate the hobby in style! We’re hosting International Tabletop Day on Saturday, April 6. Get free promos, enter to win a copy of Resistance, and play some games!