Legend of the Five Rings Kotei

There will be blood at the Louisiana Legend of the Five Rings Kotei on Saturday, March 30! $30 entry, awesome prizes, haiku battle and the winners decide the fate of Rokugan! 

The Tournament

The Louisiana Kotei will be Emperor Edition constructed format. Full rules are available on the Legend of the Five Rings rules wiki. Registration is between 9 and 10am.

Every player who makes the Elimination Rounds will be able to select a currently alive non-unique personality aligned with their clan (those playing unaligned may choose any currently alive non-unique unaligned personality). These personalities are selected before the Elimination Rounds begin, and once chosen, they cannot be changed. Fortune favors the bold, after all. These selected Personalities are individuals fighting in the Colonies – through duels, ambushes, skirmishes, or whatever means they find appropriate. The Elimination Rounds represent conflicts between the selected Personalities; and the two Personalities featured in the Finals will be a highlighted conflict.

The winner of a Kotei Tournament will then choose the fate of the Runner Up personality, which will come at the hands of their own selected Personality…

  • They can choose to spare the Runner Up personality honorably, recognizing them as an honorable opponent.
  • They can choose to spare the Runner Up personality dishonorably, shaming them for being weak and not even worth slaying.
  • They can take the Runner Up personality hostage, providing their clan a strong bargaining chip in the future.
  • Finally, they can choose to kill the Runner Up personality.

Honor Event: Haiku Battle

For the Haiku Battle, players will deliver a haiku (5/7/5 syllable format) declaring their glory and shaming their opponent. Their opponent will respond in kind. The judge will choose the winner based on crowd response, eloquence and delivery. You are free to prepare in advance and even use notes, but expect the judge to favor improvisation!

The Honor Event winners will also have a significant amount of influence on this Kotei Season– first of all, they too will cast a vote to support either the Colonies or the Empire, bringing the total votes to 129 in the conflict between the Colonies and Empire.

Secondly, they will choose a court – either the court of the Empress, or the court of the Second City, and an artistic means (see below for the full list):In the chosen court, a courtier of the Honor winners Clan will tell the story of what happened between the Kotei Winner and the Runner Up, through the chosen artistic means. This has the potential to color the event through the eyes of the chosen clan…especially if they and the Runner Up of the Kotei Tournament are from the same clan…

Full details on the ‘There Will Be Blood’ 2013 Kotei Season are available at L5R.com.

The Schedule

  • Registration: 9am – 10am
  • Lunch Break: 12:30pm (after Round 3)
  • End of Swiss & Prizes: 5pm
  • Dinner Break: 5:30pm

Elimination Rounds Will be handled as follows:

  • Play-In Round: Best of 1 – 45 minutes.
  • Top 16: Best of 1 – 45 minutes
  • Top 8 – Best of 1 – 45 minutes
  • top 4 – Best 2 of 3 Palmer Rule: 90 minutes
  • top 2 – Best 2 of 3 Palmer Rule: 90 minutes

Travel & Accomadations

+1 Gaming is located nearest to the Clearview North exit on I-10. The store is behind the shopping center, facing Manhattan St. If you are coming from the Clearview exit, we suggest turning left on Houma Blvd. (it has a light) and taking your next right onto Manhattan St. The shopping center has ample parking, and there’s street parking for overflow.

There are hotels along the Interstate at the Clearview and Causeway exits with a variety of price ranges. Here’s a map to help. We do not suggest the Orleans Courtyard Inn on Hessmer Ave. and 18th Street. Any others are perfectly accommodating and suited for families.

We will offer pizza at $2 per slice starting after the first round. There are also ample restaurant options within blocks of the store, including vegetarian choices. Ask any staffer for recommendations.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 504-322-3411 or by email at info@plus1gaming.com.

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