2nd Anniversary!

+1 Gaming turns 2! We have tons of awesome events throughout March to celebrate, big tournaments for all our biggest games and special Quests for all our Heroes! 

The Schedule

The Quests

Throughout March, Heroes of +1 Gaming can complete Quests! For each Quest completed, a Hero gains a button marking that Quest’s success, as well as entry into our Anniversary Raffle! You’ll get your name in the raffle pot for each level in our Heroes of +1 Gaming program, as well as for each Quest you complete this March. Quests from last year do not carry over!

If you played last year, you’ll see some familiar Quest faces, and also some new ones. There will be a Quest Log at the counter to record your victories. Get a staffer to initial your achievement and collect your button!

In addition to the regular Quests posted in the store, there will be special Quest-Givers, each with a unique Quest. Speak to them, complete their Quest and report back for your reward!

One response to “2nd Anniversary!”

  1. Allie says:

    In addition to our awesome trophies and game product prizes, I’m getting some special additions to the prize pool from our favorite geeky organizations. This is what we have so far for the end of month prize drawing:
    CONtraflow 2013 passes
    CoastCon 2014 passes
    Chewbacchus 2014 membership and swag
    Geek Girls with Guns cosplay calendar
    Signed copy of Dimensional Games by THE Rob Cerio
    Mechacon 2013 passes

    You get an entry into the month-end prize drawing for every quest completed AND every hero level, as long as you do at least one quest. All staff and events organizers can give you additional bonus quests.

    Cardslinger: Play four CCG tournaments of any kind
    Card Me: Play or buy three different CCGs
    Make the Cut: Make it to the top tier in a CCG tournament
    General: Play minis tournament or three league games
    Warlord: Play or buy three different minis games
    Board: Play four board games on Thursday BGN or Saturday BGD over month
    Actor: Play four RPG sessions
    High Roler: Play or buy three types of RPGs
    Player: Play or buy every game type (CCG, BG, RPG, minis)
    Trollercoaster: Take a picture of yourself playing a tabletop game in an unlikely situation
    Shenanigans: Catch Eric E. saying “potato(es)”
    Trooper: Play epic game (40k: 2000pts+, Warmahordes: 50pts+, Malifaux: 40pts+, Board game that lasts 4+ hours)
    Funner: Win a funnest player/sportsmanship award
    Altruist: Buy a gift (can be gift card)
    Ambassador: Bring a new person to the store
    Cohort: Run a game
    Quester: Complete at least five quests