Warmachine: Umbra League

Something new is coming to Immoren. Uncover its secret in the first season of Machinations! $5 entry; the Umbra league will last four weeks starting Tuesday, February 26. 

warmachine-umbra-league-kitSomething bizarre is occurring across western Immoren. A new and unseen threat is on the rise—someone or something that will alter the wars of the Iron Kingdoms forever. The effects are being felt all across the land, whether it be the sudden disappearance of an entire village’s population, unnatural seismic catastrophes, or any number of other unexplainable phenomena.

Who or what is behind this? Gather your army and face your foes at the sites of these strange anomalies. The truth must be discovered.

Download the league rules from Privateer Press.

Machinations league rules (PDF)

Umbra league rules (PDF)

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