Warhammer 40k Anniversary Tournament

Prepare for WAR! Sunday, March 3 is our Second Anniversary Warhammer 40,000 Tournament! $10 entry, 1,850 points. Registration is from 10 to 11:30. Don’t miss it!

What To Bring

  • Yourself, no later than 11:30 am! Round 1 begins promptly at Noon. There will be no meal breaks, so eat before we start.
  • Your army! This is a WYSIWYG tournament (“what you see is what you get”). No proxies allowed! Conversions or third-party substitutes are allowed. Fully painted is not mandatory.
  • Two typed and printed army lists
  • Three objective markers on no larger than 40mm bases
  • A copy of the 6th Edition Main Rulebook, your Codex(es), and errata. Books or legal digital copies only! Printouts (not including errata) or illegal digital copies may result in disqualification.
  • Dice, templates, a tape measure, and any counters you may need.

Your Army

Each army must be no larger than 1,850 points. Allies and Fortifications are allowed. There are no additional restrictions beyond those in the Main Rulebook and each Codex in your army selection. Each player will use a single army list throughout the tournament.

The Tournament

Our Anniversary Tournament will test not only your generalship at the table, but also your hobby skills and positive attitude. The overall winner will be the greatest total gamer among us!

Each round will last 2 hours. At the end of time, the current player will finish their phase. Both players will turn in their score sheets and prepare to transport their armies to their next game.

All games will use the Eternal War missions and deployments starting on page 118 of the Main Rulebook. Missions and deployments will be determined randomly by the judge at the start of each round. No mission or deployment will be repeated during the tournament.

Mysterious Terrain and Mysterious Objectives will not be used during the tournament. All games will last 6 turns or until time is called.

The Tournament Round

Each round will follow the rules described in the Main Rulebook for Fighting a Battle with the following exceptions:

  • The judge will announce the mission and deployment for the round, then call out table and opponent assignments. The clock will begin once everyone is at their table.
  • Players will roll off to choose table side.
  • All terrain is pre-set.
    • If one or both players use Fortifications, they will place them in order of the previous roll-off. The Aegis Defense Line may be placed anywhere, meeting its deployment criteria. The Imperial Bastion must be at least 3″ from any other terrain piece. The Skyshield Landing Pad and Fortress of Redemption will replace one terrain piece on the player’s table side, and must be at least 3″ from any other terrain piece.
  • Place objective markers (if any).
  • Determine Warlord Traits by choosing three Warlord Trait tables (you may choose the same table more than once), rolling on each. Choose any of these Traits you wish. If your Warlord has a pre-determined Trait, do not roll. Determine Psychic Powers normally.
  • Roll off to determine choice of first or second deployment, and deploy forces.
  • Begin the first turn
  • At the end of each round, fill out your score sheet and report to the judge with results.

If you need a judge for any reason, raise your hand and say “judge” clearly. Keep your hand raised until the judge comes to you. Judges get distracted easily and might forget you needed something. The judge’s ruling is final.


Victory or defeat in each game is determined using the Victory Points for Eternal War missions. The overall tournament score is based on Tournament Points. Tournament Points will be awarded for a variety of accomplishments during the event.

Tournament Points Achievement
10 Game Win
5 Game Tie
1 Game Loss
0 Game Concession
5 Bringing two typed and printed army lists
5 Bringing a fully painted army (at least three colors per model, all models based)
5 Each favorite army vote
5 Each favorite opponent vote


Everyone is expected to behave with the utmost respect for their fellow players. The goal may be to win, but the point is to have fun with one of our favorite hobby games!

After the final round, each player may cast one vote for their favorite opponent. This is the opponent you had the most fun playing against. Each vote is worth 5 Tournament Points.

Unsporting Behavior

Bad behavior will not be tolerated. The judge has final say on a reasonable penalty. Minor problems may result in a loss of Tournament Points. Serious problems can result in game loss, expulsion from the tournament and even expulsion from future events. If you have any questions on the subject, ask the judge. If you have a problem with an opponent, call the judge to your game or speak to them after the game. All penalties for gameplay or behavior must be resolved when the problem happens, not after, but the judge can watch the player in question more closely.

Painting & Modelling

Warhammer 40,000 isn’t just about the best tactics, it’s also about the hobby! We want to see the very best armies our region has to offer. After the final round, all players should present their armies on their table half for judging. Each player will gain Tournament Points for their painting, modelling and creativity.

Tournament Points Achievement
2 Is there a high degree of technical quality of work?
2 Does the army look good as a whole? Is the design cohesive?
2 Is there a unique color scheme, conversions, and other creative touches?
2 Is there a clear theme or story to the army?
2 Is there a great centerpiece model?
2 Are there cohesive extras, like unique objective markers, wreck markers, etc.?

During judging, each player should mark on their score sheet which of their opponents they feel had the best army in terms of painting and modelling. Each vote is worth 5 Tournament Points.


The Grand Champions – The three players with the most overall Tournament Points from all categories are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Grand Champions. The 1st Grand Champion receives the Throne of Skulls trophy and 30% of the prize pool in store credit. The 2nd Grand Champion receives 20% of the prize pool, and the 3rd Grand Champion receives 20%.

The Great General – The player with the most Tournament Points exclusively from game results wins the Great General trophy.

The Emperor’s Chosen – The player with the most Tournament Points from attitude (votes for favorite opponent) receives the Emperor’s Chosen trophy and 15% of the prize pool in store credit.

Adept of Mars – The player with the most Tournament Points from painting and modelling (including votes for favorite army) receives the Adept of Mars trophy and 15% of the prize pool in store credit.

Bloodthirster – The player who scored the most Victory Points (not Tournament Points) in a single game receives the Bloodthirster trophy.

Colonel Schaeffer Award – The player who gave their opponents the most Victory Points throughout the tournament receives the Colonel Schaeffer trophy.

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