Warhammer Fantasy League

Prepare thyself for battle! League nights on Mondays starting February 4. $5 entry to cover prizes for wins, painting and attitude. Try a demo Saturday nights before the league! 

The league will run 6 weeks. Any army size is allowed, just agree with your opponent on a size before the game. League nights are Mondays starting at 6pm, and you can play games at any time. Use our Warhammer Fantasy Battles community group to schedule with other players.

At the end of the last league night we’ll give out prizes for the player with the best win-loss record, the player who got the most painted, and the player voted to have the best attitude!

All rules from the Main Rulebook are in effect. You are not required to field a painted army.


Present your unpainted models to the organizer, in person or by photo, and show off your finished work by the last league night. Finished models must have three colors not including the primer.

New to Warhammer?

This is the perfect opportunity to get started. Our organizers, Rene and Ross, will be giving demos Saturday nights through January, and are available for demos during league nights. Feel free to ask them questions or get in a quick demo game. You can also reach them through the community group.

One response to “Warhammer Fantasy League”

  1. Rene says:

    It is all quite true. If you want to reach me my number is 504 two 3 9 – zero 4 O 7. I apologize if anyone showed up on a Saturday expecting a demo. School, this league, and the soccer team I captain all have started w/in two weeks of each other. By this weekend I should have my head above water again. I am willing to answer any questions that anyone may have. I am also willing to go over tactics and help new players. I will aid you all in any way you require