Warhammer 40k: Crusade of Fire

Join the Crusade of Fire Wednesday nights! Fight to claim the Corvus Sub-sector in this map-based narrative campaign. $5 entry, and a special kick-off event Saturday, January 12! 

After nearly a thousand years, the Warp storms that have isolated the Corvus Sub-sector from the rest of the Imperium have begun to abate. Once a rich and prosperous sub-sector sitting at the nexus of military and economic power in the galactic region, who knows what changes a thousand years of isolation will have wreacked on the sector? Chaos and ruin might now reign, or some vestige of Imperial governance may yet remain, as might arcane technology long thought lost to the Warp.

The League

The Corvus Sub-sector

The Crusade of Fire League will be based directly on the Crusade of Fire Campaign Book from Games Workshop. Players will compete for territory across the nine worlds of the Corvus Sub-sector. Each player will be part of a team — the Crusade of Fire, a great force of Imperial Space Marine and Imperial Guard companies; the Servants of Ruin, agents of Chaos brought together by the unspeakable powers of the Warp storm; or the Prophets of War, a tense alliance of Xenos ready to wipe out their enemies in the region and claim Corvus’ riches.

League nights will be every Wednesday at 6pm, though players are free to schedule games at other times with each other. Starting on Saturday, January 12, and every fourth Saturday after that, will be a special mission event for all league players.

You can view or download the full league rules (PDF) right here.

This is a narrative league. Players are strongly encouraged to develop a story to their army’s presence in the conflict.

Kick-Off Event

The league will begin on Saturday, January 12, with regular league nights on Wednesdays. The first event is the Battle for Voidspan Point! Full mission rules are available in the Crusade of Fire Campaign Book. All league players are part of the mission! Bring a 500-point army. The Force Organization Chart (FOC) is not enforced for this mission! You are not required to bring an HQ or two Troops. No vehicles allowed, except Walkers and Flyers. All units are scoring units.

Check out the post in the Warhammer 40k Community Group for full mission details.

If you have questions, post to the group, comment on this post, or email Jeremy.

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