X-Wing: Kessel Run Preview Event

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming starships for X-Wing on Sunday, December 16 at 1pm! $5 entry, and the top four players get an advanced copy of one of the new ships! 

Players bring 100-point squadrons and compete through a number of Swiss-style preliminary rounds while following all the standard rules described in the X-Wing Tournament Rules document (pdf, 4.0 MB).

However, in the final round, everything changes! After the close of the preliminary rounds, the tournament’s two top players set aside their personal squads and assume control of preview squads built from the event kits.

One player will field two A-wings and the incomparableMillennium Falcon. The other will field two TIE Interceptors and the versatile and deadly Slave I. Then, each of the tournament’s top four participants get to claim one of the preview expansions!


  • 1st Place – First choice of one Kessel Run preview ship
  • 2nd Place – Second choice of one Kessel Run preview ship
  • 3rd Place – Third choice of one Kessel Run preview ship
  • 4th Place – Fourth choice of one Kessel Run preview ship

The two remaining Kessel Run preview ships go to the Tournament Organizer as a “thank you” for all his or her hard work!

Full details on the Kessel Run kit are available on Fantasy Flight Games’ website.

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