Kaijudo Demo Day

Get a free deck of Kaijudo! Based on Magic: the GatheringKaijudo is a lighter version perfect for younger players about 8 to 12 years old. Bring the kids and try it out for free! 

Bursting out of every booster pack and competitive deck are mind-blowing Kaijudo creatures for you to summon into battle. Create your own fighting style by combining creatures from the five ancient creature civilizations—giving you the power of the Creature Realm to protect the Veil and defeat your opponents.

Kaijudo is a two-player card game, based heavily on the rules for Magic: the Gathering, but using its own unique setting and story. This trading card game (TCG) brings players into the world of Kaijudo and all of the creatures you’ll see on TV. In the trading card game, players duel with each other alongside powerful creatures that each are represented by collectable trading cards. To see some of these creatures and how their cards look, visit the Dojo Library.

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