Warhammer 40k: Chaos Tournament

Win a Chaos Space Marines Battleforce! The tournament’s on Saturday, October 27 starting at 10am; $10 entry, 1,750 points, one army list, random missions. Chaos reigns!¬†

The Tournament

Registration is from 10am to 11am. First round starts promptly after. The tournament will consist of four 2-hour rounds. Opponents will be paired randomly in the first round, then against opponents with the closest standing. We’ll have a lunch break after the first round.

All rulings will be from the Main Rulebook and each current Codex, including all errata and FAQs from the Games Workshop website. All rules are in effect.


First place wins the new Chaos Space Marines Battleforce! We’ll have additional prizes based on entry fees – your choice of store credit or product.

Army Rules

Your army must be no bigger than 1,750 points. You will use the same army list throughout the tournament. You will need a legible copy of your army list available for your opponents. All models must have the correct wargear. Conversions and proxies are allowed (such as non-Games-Workshop models), so long as the model clearly represents the intended unit, and wargear is correct.

Allies and Fortifications are allowed (see Terrain below). You must use your own models for Fortifications if you choose to include them in your army.


Before each round, the Tournament Organizer (TO) will randomly determine a deployment zone and mission from the Main Rulebook. All games for the round will use the same deployment and mission. The two-hour round will begin after the mission is announced.


Terrain will not be pre-set. Each table will have a designated bin of terrain. Once the mission and deployment zones are determined, roll to determine who places terrain first. Opponents will alternate placing a single piece of terrain from the bin until the bin is empty. Do not roll to determine maximum terrain density. Otherwise, follow all rules from the Main Rulebook when placing terrain.

Any enclosed buildings can be occupied. All buildings are AV11, can hold 10 models, and do not have weapon emplacements, regardless of how they are modeled.

For each Fortification, leave a piece of terrain in the bin.  Fortifications are placed first, before any other terrain, as per the Main Rulebook.


Your Tournament Score will be your Victory Points for the round, minus your opponent’s Victory Points, to a minimum of zero Tournament Points per round. In case of ties, the winner will be determined by strength of schedule. Victory Points will be based on each mission, as written in the Main Rulebook.

3 responses to “Warhammer 40k: Chaos Tournament”

  1. mattblackgoldknights says:

    How much it the fee to play ?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Sorry, $10 entry. The post is updated to include it now.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Note, the terrain rules are slightly changed. Basically, just follow the Main Rulebook.