L5R Seeds of Decay Prerelease

Prepare for the latest set for Legend of the Five Rings – Seeds of Decay! The Pre-Release is a sealed tournament on Saturday, October 6 at 3pm. $25 entry for a deck and three boosters. 

Everyone who enters the tournament will get an exclusive promo card: Renewal. Look for Seeds of Decay in our regular Monday events, too!

Seeds of Decay is the third expansion for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG’s Emperor Edition story arc, and as the expansion begins, things in the Empire of Rokugan and its Colonies are beginning to show definite signs of strain. Conflicts that were introduced in Embers of War and in The Shadow’s Embrace have continued to exacerbate until now, some clans are embroiled in open military conflict, and others are waging an even more dangerous war: political war in the courts of the Empire and the Colonies.

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