Dominion: Dark Ages Event

Come check out the newest expansion of the most popular deck building game ever, Dominion! Demos from 1 to 6pm, tournament at 6:30. First place wins a copy of the game! 

Free demos from 1pm-6pm. New to deck-builders or Dominion? No problem! Card game players especially will pick it up in no time.

Tournament at 6:30pm, $5 entry. Minimum 8 players. Prizes for 2nd and 3rd may increase if we get more than 8 players, so tell your friends! Winner gets a copy of Dark Ages!

We’ll be playing with the new Dark Ages set, plus base cards like coins and victory cards. However, if we end up with more than 12 players, we’ll mix in other cards from the core game. Rounds will contain four players each and last for one hour maximum. Pairings will be semi-randomized each round. The top scorers after three rounds will be determined by number of wins, followed by the percentage of points earned (out of total points earned by all players in that player’s games). These four players will go to the finals table! The final game will use the Dark Ages starting hand (starting estates are replaced by shelters). The top three will be determined by overall number of wins, followed by the percentage of game points earned overall.Province Prize: Copy of Dominion: Dark Ages!

  • Duchy Prize: $10 store credit
  • Estate Prize: $5 store credit (Hey, at least you got to play for free. What do you think this is, the Renaissance?!)
  • Knight Prize: This will be a sportsmanship award, based on the votes of our players. The winner gets a +1 Gaming amazing button of +10 sportliness! And a rat, maybe.

Direct questions via email to angela_at_plus1gaming_dot_com.

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