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World of Warcraft TCG: Battlegrounds

Starting in November we’re running weekly WoW TCG tournaments every Monday at 6pm! Bring a deck and jump in, or come try a demo! We have tons of promos to give out just for coming!  Read More

Pokémon: Boundaries Crossed Pre-Release

Enter the next dimension of your journey into battle with the Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Boundaries Crossed expansion! The event is Sunday, November 4 at 1pm, $25 entry.  Read More

+1 Magic Series Trial (Poll – Closed)

For November’s Trial were wondering if there’s interest in a sealed event. So let us know: standard or sealed? Read More

Return to Ravnica: Game Day

We’re running a Return to Ravnica standard tournament Sunday, September 28 starting at 1pm! $5 entry; entry gets you a Dryad Militant, and our top 8 winners get a Cryptborn Horror!  Read More

Warhammer 40k: Chaos Tournament

Win a Chaos Space Marines Battleforce! The tournament’s on Saturday, October 27 starting at 10am; $10 entry, 1,750 points, one army list, random missions. Chaos reigns!  Read More

+1 Magic Series Trial

The next tournament in our new Magic competitive series is Saturday, October 20! Standard format, $15 entry, first place wins $250 cash and a bye at the big tournament in March!  Read More

X-Wing Game Day

Come play Star Wars: X-Wing this Sunday at 2pm! This is tournament-style: 60 point forces with a prize for the winner. Entry is free, so bring your ships!

World of Warcraft: Battlegrounds

Starting in November, we’re running weekly WoW TCG tournaments every Monday at 6pm! Try a demo or bring your deck. We have tons of promo cards to give out just for coming.  Read More

Dominion: Dark Ages Event

Come check out the newest expansion of the most popular deck building game ever, Dominion! Demos from 1 to 6pm, tournament at 6:30. First place wins a copy of the game!  Read More

L5R Seeds of Decay Prerelease

Prepare for the latest set for Legend of the Five Rings – Seeds of Decay! The Pre-Release is a sealed tournament on Saturday, October 6 at 3pm. $25 entry for a deck and three boosters.  Read More

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