Warmachine Dark Secrets League

The final season of War-Torn Alliances puts players deep underground in a series of caves that run under the Thornwood. $5 entry, the battle starts Tuesday, September  11! 

Battles here will be claustrophobic and rife with hazards. Who knows what secrets lurk in the darkness? Perhaps you will find yourself stumbling through the shadows, battling over an underground lake, or choking on the ashes of a smoldering forest. Fight tooth and claw for survival, or fall and fade into obscurity…

The Dark Secrets League runs four weeks. Warmachine and Hordes can both play. You can play league games at any time. League night is Tuesday, when the most players will be available. Everyone can win exclusive patches for meeting certain achievements, and the player with the best record wins the Dark Secrets medal! Full rules available on the Privateer Press website.

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