Monthly Archives: September 2012

Malifaux Demos & Blister Sale

Allie’s running Malifaux demos Sundays, along with a painting party for anyone who wants to come! Malifaux blisters are 20% off through October! Read More

Pokémon Battle Road

Come for a fun and exciting day of Pokémon Sunday, September 30! Registration begins at 1 pm, and round one starts at 2 pm. Entry is free!  Read More

Return to Ravnica Prerelease

Get Magic: the Gathering – Return to Ravnica a week early! Three tournaments, $25 entry for an exclusive Guild Pack of 6 boosters, a promo for entering, and big prizes to the winners!  Read More

L5R Sword Tournament

Win a real Legend of the Five Rings katana! $5 entry, first place gets the katana, with prize packs for the top placers. The battle begins Saturday, September 22 at 1pm. Read More

Warhammer 40k: Escalation League

Raise your army from a 500-point detachment to a 1500-point force of destruction! Prizes for playing and painting, plus workshops Saturday. The action starts Wednesday, September 19!  Read More

+1 Magic Series Trial

The inaugural tournament in our new Magic competitive series starts Saturday, September 15! Standard format, $15 entry, first place wins $250 cash and a bye at the big tournament in March!  Read More

Warmachine Dark Secrets League

The final season of War-Torn Alliances puts players deep underground in a series of caves that run under the Thornwood. $5 entry, the battle starts Tuesday, September  11!  Read More

1st & Goal League

We’re starting a 1st & Goal league! You just need your team’s dice to play. Play weekly games on your schedule starting Board Game Saturday, September 1!  Read More

Magic Celebration 2013

This year’s Magic Celebration is a special no-charge event where new and existing players can get together and celebrate all things Magic: The Gathering! Play Saturday, September 8! Read More

Warmachine Summer Rampage

Summer Rampage roars back to life on Saturday, September 8 as an open-play event! $5 entry to play for the five exclusive metal pins for your achievements.  Read More