Warmachine: Colossals Event

Brace yourself for full-scale warfare! Play as many games as you can to earn Glorious Deed points. The action starts Saturday, July 28 at 10am. Entry is $5. 

This event uses a free-play format that awards players Glorious Deed points for accomplishments in games, army construction, and modeling. All games must be played with 50-point armies. Score sheets are provided to track points gained by fulfilling certain requirements. All games should be played using the event scenario. There is no limit to how many games a player may play during the course of the event.

The player with the best score in each faction gets an exclusive Colossals faction coin! Overall best score gets the winner’s Colossals coin!

Full event rules are on Privateer Press’ website.

Warmachine: Colossals Rulebook

Softcover: $34.99, hardcover $44.99

Darkness descends upon the nations of the Iron Kingdoms as the undead legions of Cryx overwhelm Point Bourne, revealing their true strength. As war once again consumes the land, the embattled nations race to deploy colossal warjacks bristling with weaponry to turn the tide. But the emergence of new threats, both ancient and unseen, will force old enemies into uneasy cooperation in a fight for survival!

Warmachine: Colossals brings you the next thrilling chapter of the Warmachine saga. Elevate your game with:

  • Powerful new colossals—enormous warjacks that dwarf even the largest heavy ’jacks and bring all-new strategies to the table.
  • New warcasters for each faction, including the third incarnations of some of the Iron Kingdoms’ greatest champions.
  • Fully compiled and updated Unbound rules, allowing you to recreate iconic large-scale battles with specialized rules to enhance gameplay.
  • New narrative fiction picking up directly after the exciting events of Warmachine: Wrath.
  • A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare your colossals for combat.
  • Theme Force lists for each new warcaster, which allow you to create armies based on the specialized forces found in the Warmachine world.

Focus your will and crush the enemy beneath your colossal might!

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