Monthly Archives: July 2012

Magic 2013: Game Day

Magic 2013: Game Day is Saturday, August 4 starting at 1pm! $10 entry, exclusive foil promos for entry and top 8, plus tons of prize packs!  Read More

Warmachine: Colossals Event

Brace yourself for full-scale warfare! Play as many games as you can to earn Glorious Deed points. The action starts Saturday, July 28 at 10am. Entry is $5.  Read More

L5R Sword Tournament

Win a real Legend of the Five Rings katana! Saturday, August 11, $10 entry, first place gets the katana, with prize packs for the top placers. We also have a free pass to Gen Con as a door prize!  Read More

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol

Our first 6th Edition event! Take a small strike force into combat to earn achievements and carve your way to victory. It’s all day on Saturday, July 21. Entry’s $5.  Read More

D&D Game Day

D&D Game Day is Saturday, July 21, and this year spotlights the release of Dungeon Command! Try out the latest from Dungeons & Dragons totally free!  Read More

Magic 2013 Launch Party

Magic 2013 releases Friday, July 13! We’re holding a Launch Party on Saturday, July 14 to break in the new set! Sealed-deck tournament starts at 1pm, $25 entry, and tons of prizes!  Read More

Munchkin Tournament

Sure, you can steal treasures and kill monsters within your own group, but are you Munchkin enough to win a really big game? Backstabbery begins Thursday, July 12 at 6pm!  Read More

Magic 2013 Prerelease

We have three Prerelease sealed-deck tournaments for M13 on Saturday, July 7, including a Midnight Prerelease Friday night! Entry is $25 to each. First place may win an M13 box! Read More