Warmachine War-Torn Alliances League

Season 3 of the War-Torn Alliances League – Thornwood – starts Tuesday, June 19! The league will run four weeks, with patches for your achievements and an exclusive medal to the top winner! 

Season 3 of War-Torn Alliances puts players deep in the Thornwood, a thick forest of towering evergreens, stout oaks, and drooping vines intermixed with a multitude of wicked brambles and fallen dead trees. Countless skirmishes between Khador, Cygnar, Cryx, trollkin kriels, and Tharn have been waged here, feeding the roots of its trees with the blood of thousands. The wrecks of hundreds of destroyed warjacks remain from centuries of battles. Will your forces reign triumphant, or will the bodies of your troops join the countless fallen in the Thornwood?

Each season of the War-Torn Alliances league focuses on a specific location in the Iron Kingdoms that players worldwide will battle to control, and each season brings players new, original fiction detailing some of the men, machines, and beasts of these conflicts. Join the fight and determine the fate of the Iron Kingdoms with War Torn Alliances league events!

Download the full rules for the War-Torn Alliances league (PDF) and the Thornwood season. Sign up in the store, and join our Warmachine / Hordes community group to find other players and schedule your league games!

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