Malifaux Sabotage League

Entry to our summer Malifaux league is free! It will last six weeks, with league night on Saturdays. Every player will earn buttons for achievements. Start now and take 30% off any starter box with a rulebook!

The official Malifaux Dead Heat worldwide campaign runs now through August 26. Any game played, including league and tournament games, may be played as a campaign game by agreement of the players. See Wyrd’s forums for more information.

Sabotage League games may be played any day of the week with 30 soulstones/player. Game reports must be approved by +1 Gaming staff to be considered official. This league will be achievement-based. Each achievement earns a button and one Saboteur Point. One button per achievement; achievements may be gained multiple times for points purposes. Each Saboteur Point gains a prize drawing entry.


  • Soulstone: Game win
  • Red Joker: Dead Heat campaign win
  • Black Joker: Dead Heat campaign loss
  • Dynamite: 4 different successful schemes
  • Pocketwatch: 4 repeated successful schemes
  • Bag of Soulstones: 6 games played
  • Shovel: Recruit a new player
  • Heart: Always helpful and fun to play with
  • Puppet: Painted crew
  • Big Hat: Dress up as a Malifaux character (or otherwise go overboard as a Malifan)
  • Ram: Guild player
  • Crow: Resurrectionist player
  • Tome: Arcanist player
  • Mask: Neverborn player
  • Rose & Dagger: Outcast player


  • Saboteur: Most Sabotage Points
  • Grafitti: Best painted crew
  • Handcuffs: Most losses
  • Party Favor: Most fun and helpful

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