L5R Summer League

We’re starting a 5-week Summer League for Legend of the Five Rings! The League begins Monday, June 4. Play two League games each week at any time, and score extra achievements. Entry is $5.

The League will last from June 4 through July 8. We’ll tally final scores and award prizes on Monday, July 9.

During the League, you can play League games at any time against any other League players. You’ll need to register ten League games throughout the 5-week period. Each win is worth 2 League Points. You can also earn bonus points.

  • Play against a new clan: 1 point each
  • Play against a new player: 1 point each
  • Play in a +1 Gaming L5R event: 1 point*
  • Win with two or more different victory conditions during the League: 1 point*

*Can only be gained once

Talk to Eric for more details.

4 responses to “L5R Summer League”

  1. not dice says:

    Couple of things that should be clarified/considered:

    I’ve confirmed with Eric that participants need only commit to a specific clan for the duration of the league. I assume this means that players can change stronghold and/or decklist in between games?

    I’d also recommend that players be allowed to play as many games as they like, but only the first two games count for their score. This allows players to be available for other participants who may need to play against their faction in order to gain achievements.

    • Eric-E says:

      Further Clarified Rules:

      1.) Register your Clan. You’ll play one clan throughout the league.

      That’s the only restriction for deck building. Feel free to try out any of that clans strongholds. If you register as Unaligned you can play either of the 2 Strongholds available (Forgotten Temple, Breaking Dawn)

      2.) Only your first 2 Games count. Further games you play won’t count towards your win/loss record, but your opponent will still record their win/loss from the match (and any other bonus points they may earn).

  2. Adam says:

    Do all games need be played at +1, or can a couple be played at home/wherever as long as both players are league players?

    • Eric-E says:

      We heavily encourage all games to be played at +1, however we realize with people being spread out everywhere it’s not very feasible for some. So league games are _not_ required to be a +1. But they _must_ be with someone else in the league.