Warhammer Fantasy Summer League

Raise the battle standards! The Warhammer Fantasy Summer League kicks off May 5. The League will follow an Escalation model starting at 750 points. $5 entry per four-week tier. 

Our Warhammer Fantasy League is geared to offer something to competitive and casual players alike. Most of all, it’s a great reason to play! Players will earn points throughout the League for playing games, winning and painting their models.

The League will follow an Escalation model, meaning after each month the size of your army increases. You are not required to buy a new army to play. Of course, if you’re thinking about a new army, this is the perfect opportunity. Not only will you get to play with your new force as you build it up, you might win prizes to add to it for free!

Official League Day will be every other Saturday. The organizer will be available from 5pm until 8pm with typical game start time at 6pm. You can schedule games on other days if you need, though bonus credit is reserved for playing on League Day. The official League Group on the Community Portal makes scheduling games simple.


At the end of each Tier prizes will be awarded by vote for these categories:

  • Best attitude
  • Highest Battle Points

A player may only win each tier once during the league. At the end of the League, the top 3 players, overall player with the best attitude and a consolation prize to the lowest-scoring player will receive an award. Prizes awarded will be based on how many players participate.


Players earn battle points for each league game played:

  • 2 points for playing a game
  • 1 additional point for winning a game
  • 1 point for having a fully-painted qualifying league army
  • 1 additional point for showing up to play for scheduled league games

Battle points accrued are then averaged over the number of games played and then compared to determine highest point values. Please be sure to complete a score card entry at the counter after each game.

Players also earn a point added into the final score tally if they are:

  • a new member to the league
  • playing a new army compared to a previous League session.
  • bringing a friend to join the league. You may only earn up to 3 points in this manner.

Best attitude will be scored at the end of each tier by a secret ballot vote of the attendees.


Each Tier runs for four weeks, with Tier 1 starting Saturday, May 5 at 4pm. Check the rules document (below) for full details on each Tier’s special rules.

Download: Warhammer Fantasy Summer League 2012 Rules (PDF)

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