Warhammer 40k: Kill Teams

Leave the army behind and prepare for tactical engagement! On Saturday, May 19 we’re holding a 300-point Kill Teams event. 

The Kill Teams event will run from Noon to 6pm. At the end we’ll tally up points and award prizes. Entry is $5 for prize support.

Assemble Your Forces

Each player fields a 300 point army. Kill Teams use a unique force allocation chart:

  • 0-2 troop
  • 0-1 elite
  • 0-1 fast attack

No unique characters or models with vehicle armor allowed. Note that there are no compulsory troop choices.

Pick out three distinct models to be Heroes. You may give each Hero a universal special rule from the main rulebook. Each Hero must use a different rule. You must tell your opponent which models are Heroes and which special rule each one is using.

You are not restricted to keeping the same army list – or even the same faction! – during the event. Just remember, this event is about playing lots of games, so prepare your lists ahead of time.

Rules of Engagement

Kill Teams is played on 4×4-foot tables with lots of terrain – about a third to half the table space will be covered.

Each game will follow the same scenario using quarters deployment, objectives and kill points. Each table will have three objectives each worth 2 Battle Points, one at the center and one each at the center of the unoccupied quarters. Destroying a troop unit is worth 1 Battle Point, killing a Hero is worth 1 Battle Point, and destroying an elite or fast attack unit is worth 2 Battle Points each. The most Battle Points at game end wins that game. Play as many games as you can to rack up Victory Points to win the event!


You’ll gain Victory Points throughout the day for your achievements in battle. All points across all games count toward your total. Unless specified, you can only claim each achievement once. The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the event wins!

Here’s the list of achievements:

  • 1 point (unlimited)
    • Play a game (1 point per game)
    • Play against a new opponent (1 point per unique opponent)
    • Play against a new faction (1 point per unique faction)
    • Play with a new faction (1 point per unique faction)
    • Win a game (1 point per win)
  • 1 point
    • End a game with at least 7 Battle Points
    • Completely destroy half of your opponent’s units, rounded up (by killing or driving them off the board)
    • End a game with no enemy models in your quarter of the table
    • End a game with more friendly than enemy models in your opponent’s quarter
    • Play with no elite unit
    • Play with no fast attack unit
    • Play with fully painted unique Heroes
    • Destroy all of your opponent’s Heroes
    • Field three different Heroes (models and special rules) than a previous game
  • 2 points
    • Win a game with at least 10 Battle Points
    • Win a game with at least double the Battle Points of your opponent
    • Win a game by completely destroying your opponent’s army (by killing or driving them off the board)
    • End a game with less than 50% casualties on each of your units
    • Play with no troop units
    • Play with no Heroes
  • 3 points
    • Win a game with at least 12 Battle Points
    • Play with a fully painted army
    • Get the most votes for Best Attitude


We’ll award prizes for the two players with the most Victory Points, the best-painted Hero by popular vote and the player with the least Victory Points.

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  1. ryan says:

    300 points is such a pain in the butt number to work with lol. You’re killin’ me, smalls…