Monthly Archives: May 2012

Pokemon Battle Road

Come join us for a fun and exciting day of Pokémon Sunday, June 3! Registration will begin at 1 pm, and the tournament will begin at 2 pm.  Read More

Warmachine Themeroller

Welcome to Themeroller! This is a 50-point Warmachine & Hordes tournament using Theme Lists (see your Army Book). You’ll need at least a Tier 2 list. $5 entry, or get in free with a Tier 4 list!  Read More

Avacyn Restored Game Day

We’re running a TON of 8-player win-a-box tournaments! The first flight takes off at 1pm. Entry is $15. The winner of each 8-player flight wins a booster box! Read More

D&D Next Playtest

The 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, dubbed D&D Next, has its first public playtest Thursday, May 24! The modules are available to anyone who signed up, so come play here! Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Summer League

Raise the battle standards! The Warhammer Fantasy Summer League kicks off May 5. The League will follow an Escalation model starting at 750 points. $5 entry per four-week tier.  Read More

Avacyn Restored League

The four-week Avacyn Restored League starts Thursday, May 10 at 6pm! $25 to make a 6-pack sealed deck. Get in 5 games a week anytime.  Read More

Warhammer 40k: Kill Teams

Leave the army behind and prepare for tactical engagement! On Saturday, May 19 we’re holding a 300-point Kill Teams event.  Read More

Star City Games Invitational Qualifier

We’re hosting an IQ! It’s a standard-constructed tournament, $25 entry. $1,000 prize pool for top eight! There’s two tournaments on Saturday & Sunday, May 12-13. Doors open at 9am.  Read More