Warmachine Olgunholt League

The War-Torn Alliances series continues with Season 2: Olgunholt on Tuesday, April 17 at 6pm! Form alliances and earn patches for participation and commendation! 

From the Privateer Press website:

The second season of War-Torn Alliances takes place in the Olgunholt, a dense and forest with a dark reputation that occupies much of southern Ord. This forest is home to a number of small, isolated communities, including those who worship the old ways and heed the True Law of Menoth as part of an unbroken legacy predating the arrival of the Orgoth. The forest is filled with unwholesome horrors that would gladly pillage or despoil these communities and their ways. Will you stand beside Olgunholt’s protectors or join the ranks of those who seek to extinguish the flame? Rally your forces and bring Wrath down upon your foes. Call upon your allies for a Walk in the Woods. Be the aggressor and drive your opponent from the battlefield in Onslaught!

During the War-Torn Alliances league players will have access to additional models and special upgrades. You can play team games for extra points. Patches go to players for the most participation, as well as performing actions or playing game types that tie into the War-Torn Alliances story. The player with the highest overall score gets the Champion Medal!

Entry to the league is $5, paid before your first game. You aren’t required to play on league night. If you need to set up games on off nights, try our Warmachine / Hordes Community Group. It’s an easy way to connect with local players.

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