Spring Malifaux League

Malifaux is in danger. Can the Masters vying for control work together long enough to save themselves? Do they even know how? And will the general population survive to find out? You will need skill, power, wisdom, and diplomacy to win Le Chapeau de Malifaux.

This is a casual, six-week, team play league. New players are welcome, and late entries will be accepted. The organizer is Allie Henson, Malifaux Henchman and owner of +1 Gaming. Four titles and prizes will be awarded. Following the league, there will be a team tournament.


One-time $5 league entry fee, OR buy a new master.


The league will play for six Sundays, beginning March 11 and ending April 15. Official play time starts at 6pm. Please arrive at 5:30 to allow for setup time. League games must be played on league night except by organizer approval. The league will be followed by a team tournament.

Format and General Rules

Players may use different masters and crews from game to game. Team play is highly encouraged, but one-on-one games are also allowed. League points will be awarded for up to six games. Additional games will earn tiebreaker points. Prizes will be awarded only to players who have completed at least five official league games, at least three of which are team games.

For the first two weeks, proxies are allowed, and crews do not have to be painted. For the third through sixth weeks, no proxies are allowed without specific organizer approval. In the fifth and sixth weeks, at least 50% of models in each crew must also be painted. Conversions are allowed for publicly released models, subject to organizer approval.

When league time ends, the turn will be played out and victory points scored. No league points for winning will be awarded if the game is not completed.

Team Games

A team game is played by two players vs. two players with shared team strategies, predetermined by the organizer. Individual/crew schemes will be selected by each player. Teams will be assigned randomly if possible. A team’s set of masters must be brawl compatible (see table).

Each player has his or her own soulstone cache and fate deck. A player may shift up to two of his or her own soulstone pool to his or her teammate’s pool before crews are hired.

Soulstones per player:

  • Weeks 1-3: 15ss
  • Weeks 4-6: 20ss

Team Game Initiative and Activation Sequence

  • Each round, each team will nominate one player to flip initiative for their team. That player uses his/her own control deck and soul stone pull for the flip. Only his/her models can affect their flip or their opponents flip.
  • After initiative is flipped, the winning team selects one team member to be the first player and the other player to be the third player. The opposing team then selects which player will be the second player and which player will be the fourth player. Activation then follows that sequence for the duration of the round.
  • In the event that one player is eliminated from the game, his/her teammate then gains the option to activate on either or both of the team activation phases.

One-on-One Games
Players may compete with 30 soulstones each OR agree on a soulstone value between 25 and 40. Games will use the same predetermined strategies as the team games for that week.

Previous Governors of Malifaux take a penalty of 1ss on their first game.
Previous Lanterns Rouge receive a bonus of 1ss on their first game.
Previous Master Artisans’ professional pride prevents them from competing for this recognition again.
Previous Ambassadors of Malifaux are too humble to accept this honor again.

League Points
League points will be awarded for:

  • Planning day March 4 (tiebreaker points)
  • Playing a team game
  • Victory points
  • Winning
  • Teamwork/Attitude/Helpfulness
  • Roleplaying
  • Bringing in new players to the league
  • Bringing in new customers to the league
  • Playing fully painted crews
  • Playing new crews
  • Trying new schemes
  • Extra games (tiebreaker points)


The following titles will be awarded to players who have completed at least five official league games, at least three of which are team games. The winners will receive Malifaux prizes and special awards, mostly TBD.

Governor of Malifaux (Highest points): Le Chapeau de Malifaux, an epic hat
Master Artisan (Best painted crew)
Lantern Rouge (Lowest points)
Ambassador of Malifaux (Best attitude)

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