New Citadel Paints

Citadel is re-launching their entire paint line, and it looks awesome! 145 colors – bases, layers, washes, glazes, and new dry pigments and textures. The paints release Saturday, April 7. Watch the video introducing the line below! 

The New Paint Types

Citadel’s grouping their paints into seven types: Base, Shade, Dry Compound, Layer, Glaze, Texture and Technical. Here’s the rundown.

Base Paints replace the Foundations. There are 34 base colors, including several metallics. The full list is right here.

Shades replace the Citadel washes. The formula is improved for smoother application to avoid splotching. It’s otherwise the same great washes you’ve been using with 12 colors, including a new yellow and orange. Here’s the full list.

Dry Compounds are lighter tones of a wide color range used for dry brushing. They’re almost all pigment, so they’re very easy to use and can be done over or under washes, glazes and varnish. There’s 15 colors available. Here’s the list.

Layers replace the old Colour range as the main body of Citadel’s paint line. There are seventy – seven-zero – colors now. The line is big enough it needs two lists.

Glazes are four basic colors formulated to go over your paint job and shift the color, almost like a Photoshop filter. They’re similar to Shades, but work to normalize the hue of an area or dial down over-highlighting. Here’s the list.

Textures are a new line of paint with fine and coarse grit mixed in. Use this as an undercoat or base color for texturing terrain or adding a rough micro-texture to any surface. Here’s the list.

The Technical line includes the odds and ends – liquid green stuff, gloss varnish, and black and white undercoats. Here’s the list.

How to Order

We’re taking pre-orders on any of these now. You can order individual paints, ranges or sets. You’re welcome to use the old names, just indicate that you want to get the new versions.

Want to dive in and experience the whole line? Try the Citadel Paint Bundle (pictured). You get one of every 145 paints, as well as a slick carrying case. The whole bundle is $536, which makes the case completely free!


Don’t worry, veteran painters. Citadel has taken the extra step to provide a conversion chart to their old colors. Since the range has only grown bigger, you won’t find a single unconverted color.

If you’re just not convinced, we can always order Vallejo paints which have years of experience successfully matching Citadel’s paint range.

Painting League & Contest

With the new Citadel paints releasing, we’re holding a Painting League through April on Thursdays! Citadel paints aren’t required; it’s just a handy excuse to try them out. Full details here.

Last of all, here’s the official Games Workshop release post from their news blog.

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