L5R: Embers of War Pre-Release

Get Legend of the Five Rings: Embers of War early starting May 4! Our first Pre-Release event is a sealed-deck on Saturday, May 5 at 3pm. $25 entry. 

$25 entry gets you one of three new starter decks – Lion, Spider or Unicorn – and three Embers of War booster packs. All entries get a Den of Iniquity promo card! All entries go to prize support for Embers of War boosters!

We’ll have Embers of War on sale throughout the Pre-Release period, May 4-14, including running additional Pre-Release events on our regular L5R Mondays.

You can pre-order booster boxes before the Pre-Release for $120; during and after pre-release they’ll be $150 (Hero coupons stack with the latter price).

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