1 Year Anniversary!

+1 Gaming has been open a whole year already! We’re celebrating the only way we know how – with games! We’ll have a bunch of massive events, and we have a special store-wide game throughout March. Our Heroes are going Questing… 


Throughout March you’ll find people around +1 Gaming with a “!” pin. These are Quest-Givers. Heroes of +1 Gaming can complete Quests throughout March and get a unique pin for each Quest. Each completed Quest also enters your name into an Anniversary Raffle, to be held Saturday, March 31.

So what kinds of Quests are there?

  • Actor – Play four RPG sessions
  • Altruist – Buy a gift at for someone else
  • Ambassador – Bring a new person to +1 Gaming
  • Board – Play or buy four board games during the month on Board Game Thursday or Board Game Saturday
  • Card Me – Play or buy cards from three different collectible card games
  • Cohort – Run a game for someone else
  • Funner – Win a funnest player / attitude award at an event
  • General – Play in a miniature wargame tournament or three league games
  • High Roler – Play or buy three different RPGs
  • Make the Cut – Win at a CCG tournament (place high enough to win prizes)
  • Player – Play or buy one of each kind of game (board game, CCG, minis & RPG)
  • Quester – Complete at least five Quests
  • Trooper – Play an epic game
    • 40k: 2000+ points
    • Warmachine/Hordes: 50+ points
    • Malifaux: 40+ points
    • board game that lasts more than 6 hours
  • Warlord – Play or buy three different minis games

For Quest purposes, all non-collectible card games (Munchkin, an LCG or deckbuilder, etc.) count as board games.

In addition, each Quest-Giver bears a unique Quest. Heroes must seek them out to claim each one!


We have a ton of special events to celebrate our anniversary in style. Each of our biggest games has a massive event on the schedule.

Magic: the Gathering Tournament

On Saturday, March 17 starting at 1pm we’re holding a huge Magic tournament. $10 entry, standard Type 2. First place takes home a booster box of their choice. We’re throwing in some limited +1 Gaming playmats to the prize pool, along with a +1 Gaming trophy for first place! You don’t want to miss this.

Pokemon State Championship

+1 Gaming hosts the 2012 Pokemon State Championship! The tournament is Saturday, March 10 starting at 9am. Entry is free! We’ll have a bunch of door prizes to all who enter. This is the tournament for Pokemon players in Louisiana.

Warmachine & Hordes Steamroller

We’re pulling out all the steam-powered stops for a massive Warmachine & Hordes tournament on Saturday, March 24, starting at 11am. Entry is $10. It’s a 35-point tournament, and you have two levels for entry – Standard or Master. Standard entry follows normal Steamroller rules. Masters must play a unique list each game (different warcaster, no duplicate named characters). Both levels play each other in one mixed tournament.

And we have all the prizes. Overall in the tournament competes for the Warmachine Trophies. The top three Masters win the Steamroller coins and Warmachine dice. Best in each faction gets their faction’s patch. If we have more prize money after that we’ll throw in more stuff!

And More!

We already held our Anniversary Warhammer 40k Tournament (sorry if you missed it!), and we’ll have announced events for Legend of the Five Rings and Yu-Gi-Oh! coming soon.

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