Monthly Archives: March 2012

New Board Games in April

April has a ton of awesome new board games! Some are coming here, some are available for order. There’s historicals, Euro-style, casual … something for everyone!  Read More

New Roleplaying in April

This month two fantastic roleplaying games come out – Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and Colonial Gothic! We’re also taking pre-orders on the Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition premium reprints!  Read More

1 Year Anniversary!

+1 Gaming has been open a whole year already! We’re celebrating the only way we know how – with games! We’ll have a bunch of massive events, and we have a special store-wide game throughout March. Our Heroes are going Questing…  Read More

Magic Anniversary Tournament

On Saturday, March 17 starting at 1pm we’re holding a huge Magic tournament. $10 entry, standard Type 2. First place takes home a booster box of their choice, and the +1 Gaming trophyRead More

Warmachine Anniversary Steamroller

It’s +1 Gaming’s first anniversary! We’re holding huge Warmachine tournament March 24 to celebrate! 35 points, $10 entry, optional Masters level, and tons of prizes!  Read More

Pokémon State Championship

Louisiana’s biggest Pokémon event is finally here! State Championships will be held on March 10. We will have registration at 9 am, and the tournament will begin at 10. Read More