Warmachine: Gnarls League

The new Warmachine / Hordes story-driven War-Torn Alliances starts Tuesday, February 7! Team up with unlikely allies to battle in an internationally-recorded league and change the face of the Iron Kingdoms! 

From the Privateer Press website:

The kickoff to the 2012 WARMACHINE and HORDES league season launches worldwide in February! The War-Torn Alliances league throws players into the heat of battle in the Iron Kingdoms with a wholly immersive experience as they fight for glory. Each season focuses on a specific location in the Iron Kingdoms that players worldwide will battle to control, and each season brings players new, original fiction detailing some of the warriors, machines, and beasts of these conflicts. Join the fight and determine the fate of the Iron Kingdoms with War-Torn Alliances league events!

The first season of War-Torn Alliances takes place in The Gnarls, a region blanketed by vines, especially along the Dragon’s Tongue River. Venturing too deep into the Gnarls can be a dangerous proposition, thanks to several secluded trollkin and bogrin communities.

Fighting in The Gnarls will be a dangerous undertaking despite the assistance your forces will receive from your allies. Tread cautiously in No Man’s Land, beware the Black Spot, and move with great care lest the Whirling Gauntlet rip your forces asunder.

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