Warhammer 40k Anniversary Tournament

It’s +1 Gaming’s first anniversary, and the 25th anniversary of Warhammer 40,000, and we’re holding a huge tournament! Entry is $15. First place gets the limited 25th Anniversary Crimson Fist! 

The Rules

The big event is Saturday, March 3; registration starts at 10am, first round starts at 11 sharp. This is a 2000-point tournament. You may change army lists and Codexes freely between rounds. All lists must be Codex-legal; no Forge World exclusive models. Any proxies must be approved; avoid them whenever possible!

This is a three-round, Swiss-style tournament. Each round will last two hours. We’ll take a half-hour lunch break after the first round.

Each battle will have three goals in play. The Primary Goal will be worth a maximum of 15 Battle Points, the Secondary a maximum of 7 Battle Points, and the Tertiary a maximum of 3 Battle Points. Ties for goals are worth 7, 3 and 3 respectively. After each round, you will be paired against a new opponent with the most similar score.

You also gain 2 Battle Points for each round if you provide your opponent with a copy of your army list and 2 Battle Points each round for playing with a fully painted army.


We’re giving out a ton of prizes! We’ll have awards for best scores, best attitude, and best painted army. First place will take home their choice of a Battleforce or Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 432 with custom loadout*, along with the extremely limited 25th Anniversary Crimson Fist model!

Awards for second and third place, best attitude and best painted army will be based on how many enter.

*Custom foam will be supplied within two weeks after the tournament if chosen.


Best attitude will be done via secret vote by all players. You’ll choose one of your three opponents as your favorite for the event. The player(s) with the most votes get a secret prize!

If your opponent shows a remarkably bad attitude such that the organizer must intervene they will be docked three points for the first infraction, seven more for the second, and a third incident will get them disqualified. Any attempt to cheat will get you disqualified immediately!


The tournament will use three unique scenarios. All scenarios use standard rules for reserves, deep strike, infiltration and game length. Determine first to deploy/first turn with a roll-off, high roll choosing to go first or second. Objectives are worth the above-defined Battle Points unless stated otherwise.

Round 1: Ground Control

Deployment: Table quarters. Each player places an objective at the center of their quarter.

Primary Objective: Control table quarters and objectives. Each controlled quarter is worth 2 Battle Points; your home objective is worth 2 Battle Points; your opponent’s objective is worth 5 Battle Points. Table quarters are held by having the most units present in the quarter. Objectives are held by having the most units within 3″ of the objective. A unit is counted for quarter control if a majority of its units are inside the quarter, and each unit can only count towards one quarter.

Secondary Objective: Keep your highest-point value unit alive. If more than one unit qualifies, announce one during deployment.

Tertiary Objective: Kill Points (as described in the Warhammer 40,000 Main Rulebook).

Round 2: Grudge Match

Deployment: Deploy within 12″ of a long table edge. Each player designates one HQ or named character as their Hero. If your army list has neither you may use a monstrous creature.

Primary Objective: King of the hill; the player with the most units within 6″ of the table center (as objectives in the Main Rulebook) gains 15 Battle Points. If it’s tied, both gain 7 Battle Points.

Secondary Objective: If your Hero kills the opponent’s Hero, you gain 7 Battle Points. If you kill your opponent’s Hero any other way, you gain 3 Battle Points.

Tertiary Objective: Kill Points (as described in the Warhammer 40,000 Main Rulebook).

Round 3: Bad Moon Rising

Special Rules: Rounds 5 and later use Night Fighting.

Deployment: Deploy within 12″ of a long table edge. Each player places an objective marker at least 12″ from any table edge and at least 12″ apart.

Primary Objective: Victory points. The player at game end with 200 more VPs gets 15 battle points, Otherwise both players both get 7 Battle points.

Secondary Objective: Control of your objective marker is worth 2 Battle Points. Control of your enemy’s objective marker is worth 5 Battle Points.

Tertiary Objective: The player with the most surviving HQ units gains 3 Battle Points. If the result it tied, both players get 3 Battle Points.

3 responses to “Warhammer 40k Anniversary Tournament”

  1. Mothra says:

    I thought Forge World was Games Workshop? Is a Forge World Resin Mawloc legal since they not Forge exclusive and GW sells Mawlocs? What is a Forge exclusive model?

  2. Felmid says:

    A Forge World Exclusive model is a model that does not specifically state in its given rules that it can be used in regular 40k games. Example a Baneblade is a Forge World exclusive model. Further any model that has structure points are Forge World exclusive models. Models such as a Mek Boy Junka have rules that state it may be chosen as a dedicated transport for a Big Mek or as an elite choice in games of regular 40K. These are just a few of examples. It is also a general given rule that you should have any publications present with you on game day to verify with your opponent that it is a legal model or you should not use it.

  3. Jeremy says:

    What Felmid said. If it can be used in regular 40k games, you’re probably good to go. If it’s an alternate model for something Games Workshop makes or has made, that’s probably fine, too. The Mawloc is a GW model, so bringing a Forge World version is perfectly fine.