L5R: Emperor Edition

+1 Gaming is proud to present the Emperor Edition Draft Pre-Release! It’s Monday, January 30 at 6pm. Entry is $18. We’ll draft two Emperor Edition packs and two from either Second City or Before the Dawn


Standard drafting procedures apply, so you must open a pack, select one card, then pass the rest of the pack to your neighbor, selecting a card from the new pack just passed to you, then passing it on, repeating this process until no cards are left. You then open a new pack and repeat this process, alternating the direction you pass with each pack.

We’ll have weekly events every Monday after the Pre-Release, starting with drafts until the starter decks are released. Then we’ll mix up constructed and draft formats based on player feedback.

Some other rules of note:

  • Decks are 20/20 minimum, though you may make them larger if you choose.
  • When you run out of one of your decks, you reshuffle your appropriate discard pile, making a new deck. After a Celestial or Event enters a discard pile, it is removed from the game.
  • You begin the game with four provinces and five fate cards in hand.
  • The player who goes first does not draw a card at the end of his first turn.
  • At the start of the tournament you declare two clans for which you belong. You may bring personalities into play from those clans following all standard rules for a personality of your clan enting play (Clan discount, Proclaim, paying extra to ignore honor requirements, etc).

If you’re unsure of how to play, Eric will be on hand to give demos and teach the game. Feel free to dive in as well! Drafting is a great way to build your collection and start playing.

3 responses to “L5R: Emperor Edition”

  1. Eric says:

    When is this? In March?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Oh yeah, dates! The Pre-Release is Monday, January 30 at 6pm. We’ll start doing regular drafts from there until the Sealed Deck Pre-Release Monday, February 20 and official release the following week. Updated the post to reflect this.

  3. Jeremy says:

    We had 14 players at the first event! We’ll have L5R events every week on Monday from here out.