Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League

Raise the battle standards! Our first Warhammer Fantasy League kicks off Saturday, January 21. Starting army size is 750 points, escalating monthly.

Our first Warhammer Fantasy League is geared to offer something to competitive and casual players alike. Most of all, it’s a great reason to play! Players will earn points throughout the League for playing games, winning and painting their models.

The League will follow an Escalation model, meaning after each month the size of your army increases. You are not required to buy a new army to play. Of course, if you’re thinking about a new army, this is the perfect opportunity. Not only will you get to play with your new force as you build it up, you might win prizes to add to it for free!

Official League Day will be every other Saturday starting on January 21. The organizer will be here from 4pm ’til about 8. You can schedule games on other days if you need, though you’ll get bonus credit for playing on League Day. The official League Group on our new Community Portal should make scheduling games simple.


Players earn Battle Points for each game they play. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1 point for playing a game
  • 1 additional point for winning a game
  • 1 point for playing with a fully painted army
  • 1 point for playing your game on a League Day

At the end of each Tier we’ll take a secret vote for player with the best attitude, as well. We’ll give a prize to the player with the highest points and the player with the best attitude after each Tier. Each player can only win each award between Tiers once. At the end of the League we’ll give prizes the top 3 players, overall player with the best attitude and a booby prize to the lowest-scoring player. Prizes will be based on how many players participate.


The League will run in Tiers with increasing army sizes and a few special rules. Entry into each Tier is $5 for prize support. During the First and Second Tier, some special rules apply:

  • No Lords in Tier 1
  • No model with 5 or more wounds
  • No more than 2 levels of magic
  • For Magic Dice rolls, roll 1d6+2 instead of 2d6

Throughout the League, the only additional restriction is no Book of Hoarth.

First Tier: 750 Points

The First Tier will last one month, with two official League Days on January 21 and February 4.¬†Army size in the first tier is 750 points. There’s one additional restriction:

  • No more than 1 shooting unit or 1 artillery unit

Second Tier: 1,250 Points

The Second Tier will last one month, with two official League Days on February 18 and March 3.¬†Army size is increased to 1,250 points. There’s one additional restriction:

  • No more than 2 shooting or artillery units combined (i.e., 2 shooting, 2 artillery or 1 of each)

Third Tier: 1,500 Points

The Third Tier will last for one month, with two official League Days on March 17 and 31.

Fourth Tier: 2,000 Points

For the Fourth Tier, we’ll take a vote whether players want to have a full month-long Tier or have a closing tournament at 2,000 points. Your choice!

Sign Up

We’ll post a sign-up sheet at the counter in the store. Please sign up there with your name and army choice. Also sign up on our Community Portal and join the League group so you can schedule games outside of League Days and talk Warhammer with your fellow players!

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