Warhammer 40,000: Winter League

The Winter League starts Thursday, January 26! Entry is $5 for prize support. The Winter League is perfect for any skill level, casual or hardcore. Sign up in the store and join the Community Group!

Rules of Engagement

The Winter League will run eight weeks, from January 26 to March 15. Each entrant will be ranked on a starting ladder based on previous performance (past leagues and Kill Teams, or just below center for new players). You’ll get a list of opponents of similar standing, worth a bonus point when you compete against them. You can only play against each other player once during the league (rematches are allowed if both players agree). You must play a minimum of six (6) games to qualify for prizes.

The Winter League will run in three Tiers of increasing army size as your forces call in additional troops and weaponry. Tier 1 lasts two weeks, from a Thursday to a Wednesday; Tier 2 lasts three weeks; Tier 3 lasts two weeks.

  • Tier 1 (January 26 – February 8) – 1,000 points
  • Tier 2 (February 9 – February 29) – 1,250 points
  • Tier 3 (March 1 – March 14) – 1,500 points

There will be one final League Night on March 15 to complete your games. Any size army is allowed, as agreed on by both players in each game (if the players can’t agree, play the smallest size game either play requests, minimum 1,000 points).

League Points

Your goal throughout the Winter League is to gain League Points for various accomplishments, from playing and winning games to using a fully-painted army. Here’s the list of points you can gain. All points are cumulative.

  • Play one of your first six (6) games – 1 point
  • Play a game on league night (Thursday) – 1 point
  • Play against an opponent on your list – 1 point
  • Win a game – 2 points
  • Play with a fully painted army – 2 points (can only be claimed once)


At the end of each game you’ll get a short sheet to record the game score, as well as one single question: Did my opponent’s attitude or behavior (not army list or legal tactics) make the game unfun? Any player who receives a ‘yes’ will lose 2 League Points. Any player who receives a second ‘yes’ will lose another 3 League Points. Any player who receives a third ‘yes’ will be disqualified, and their entry fee will not be refunded.

On the final league night we’ll take a secret vote for the Best Attitude. Everyone simply writes down their name and the name of their favorite opponent (the organizer can help identify players if needed). You can’t vote for yourself. That player will get a small prize of appreciation for making our Warhammer 40k community awesome!


Unique scenarios will be posted before the beginning of the Winter League, and included with your list of opponents. You can use these or the normal scenario and deployment rules from the Warhammer 40,000 Main Rulebook. If both players can’t agree which to use, each rolls a die and the highest roll chooses.


All rules follow the Warhammer 40,000 Main Rulebook (including online errata) and the most recent version of each Codex. Your army must be Codex-legal, and you must have your army list written down at the start of each game.

You do not need to field the same army each game, but you must use the same Codex. Your army does not need to be painted to play. You can proxy models so long as the substitute model is the same base size, roughly the same volume or larger than the normal one, and your opponent agrees to its use.

Table setup follows standard rules. Each player gathers terrain to fill 1/4 of the table, then players take turns placing terrain until all terrain is used. Follow the specific scenario for deployment rules.

Painting Contest

In addition to the normal League we’ll have a league-long painting contest! On the last day, each player who wants to can bring one HQ or named character to enter into the contest. The model must have been fielded during the Winter League. We’ll take a secret vote for best painted model. Anyone who presents an unpainted model during the league to the organizer will get an extra vote if that model is entered into the painting contest. The player with the most votes will win store credit based on a percentage of the total entry fees!

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