New Website

We have a new website! Some features are still in the works. Our homepage got an update, and there is a massive change to our Community! Find out what’s new.

New Homepage

The new homepage has four featured articles near the top. This’ll help keep the most important news front and center. It also makes much better use of images, which should make browsing faster and easier for you.

New Community

Easily the biggest piece: our new Community Portal is a whole new way to connect with fellow gamers. The focus is now on creating and joining groups based around, well, whatever you want! We’ll seed several public groups to start things off, but this will truly be your community to shape.

There’s two huge advantages to the group-centric design.

  1. You can customize your email updates or RSS notification based around your interests, and set your own privacy rules for how public or private your group is. Want instant notice when someone posts to your private roleplaying game group? Easy. Want to get only weekly emails on the Warmachine community at large? Done.
  2. A group-based structure makes it extremely easy for newcomers to find people who play their games. Just browse the public groups and jump in! If even that’s too intimidating, that’s what our public seed groups are for. Join those, post, and anyone getting updates for them will get an email based on their settings.

Beta Mode

This is a brand-spanking-new site layout, so there’s bound to be bugs. If you spot any, shoot an email to

Thanks, and happy gaming!

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