Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascension

The Dark Ascension release is February 3! We have several Prerelease events lined up including a Midnight Draft and Sealed Tournament at Comic Con. Pre-order your booster boxes today! 


Pre-ordered booster boxes are $99.99. All pre-orders must be paid by the end of Sunday, January 22 (the weekend of the Prerelease).

Prerelease Events

We have several opportunities to play before the official release. Seating at every event will be limited, so come early to secure your place. The top placers at every event win Dark Ascension packs!

Midnight Draft

Friday night / Saturday morning we’re holding a Midnight Draft. Entry is $15. Each player gets a Dark Ascension pack and two Innistrad packs. You draft one card from one pack, then everyone passes their packs to the player next to them, drafts another card, and repeats until all the cards are claimed. Build a 40-card deck with what you have plus any basic land and play! Seating is limited to 32 total players, split between two 16-player flights. Come early to guarantee your seat.

Comic Con Sealed Tournament

On Saturday at Noon we’re hosting a sealed-deck tournament at Comic Con! Each player gets three Dark Ascension packs and three Innistrad packs and builds a 40-card deck with what they pull plus any basic land. We’ll play the tournament out to a first place winner. Seating is limited to 96 players (12 flights of 8). You do not need a Comic Con ticket to play! The game area is outside the tickets-only convention space.

Saturday Night Draft

On Saturday night at 8pm we’re holding a second draft tournament. The rules are the same as the Midnight Draft (above). Comic Con closes for the night at 7pm, so whether or not you attended you have a chance to enter. Seating is limited to 32 players (2 flights of 16).

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