Monthly Archives: January 2012

Magic: Dark Ascension Launch Party

The Launch Party for Magic: the Gathering – Dark Ascension is a Sealed Deck Tournament on Saturday, February 4 at Noon. Entry is $25. Read More

Pokemon: Next Destinies

Get Next Destinies early with our Prerelease Tournament on Sunday, January 29! Each player will get Next Destinies packs to build a 40-card deck with. Entry is $25 for the packs.  Read More

Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascension

The Dark Ascension release is February 3! We have several Prerelease events lined up including a Midnight Draft and Sealed Tournament at Comic Con. Pre-order your booster boxes today!  Read More

Warhammer 40,000: Winter League

The Winter League starts Thursday, January 26! Entry is $5 for prize support. The Winter League is perfect for any skill level, casual or hardcore. Sign up in the store and join the Community Group! Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League

Raise the battle standards! Our first Warhammer Fantasy League kicks off Saturday, January 21. Starting army size is 750 points, escalating monthly. Read More

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Teams

Leave the army behind and prepare for tactical engagement! On Saturday, January 21 we’re holding a 200-point Kill Teams event. Read More

Pathfinder Battles

Pathfinder is launching a new pre-painted minis line: Pathfinder Battles. The first set, Heroes & Monsters arrives Tuesday!

Read More

New Website

We have a new website! Some features are still in the works. Our homepage got an update, and there is a massive change to our Community! Find out what’s new. Read More