Warmachine: Longest Night Event

The Iron Kingdoms’ Longest Night has an ominous reputation. The Longest Night event – Saturday, December 17 – is perfect for casual and veteran players alike. Play as many games as you like to gain Wild Revelry points for your accomplishments.

The Longest Night is a widely celebrated holiday in the Iron Kingdoms consisting of festivals and revelries with people celebrating by dressing up like the dead, drinking, and lighting off fireworks amid loud music and dancing. It is celebrated every three years at the end of the year as an extra day added to the calendar, therefore taking place after the old year and just before the new one. While the festivals are eagerly anticipated, Longest Night has an increasingly ominous reputation. Many believe this day and night to be a time of black magic and misfortune. Some say the barriers between Caen and Urcaen—the realms of the living and the dead—become thin on this day and that the spirits of the restless dead manifest to haunt and torment the living. There are some who prefer to hide in their homes and bolt their doors rather than join the masked revelers cavorting in the streets.


This event uses a free-play format that awards players Wild Revelry points for accomplishments in games, army construction, revelry, and modeling. All games must be played with 50-point armies. Score sheets are provided to track points gained by fulfilling certain requirements. All games should be played using the event scenario. There is no limit to how many games a player may play during the course of the event.

Full details are on the Privateer Press website (the rules are linked at the bottom of the page).

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