Warhammer 40k: Fall League Report

Our Warhammer 40,000 Fall League was a huge success! We had 15 players compete for five titles. If you missed out, we’re starting a Holiday League through December with plans for a Winter League in the new year.

We had five titles and prizes to give out. Here’s our big winners:

  • Michael Bartlett — Battle Master (best overall score)
  • Levi White — Rising Star (best overall score, playing Warhammer 40,000 for less than a year)
  • John Stovall — Comrade in Arms (Best attitude by player vote)
  • Jason Harris — Master Crafter (best painted army by player vote)
  • Grover White — Forgemaster (most figures painted during the league — 40)

One of our players got bonus points toward the Comrade in Arms title for putting together a Battle Report. With his permission, we’re sharing it here on our site so you can get an idea of what a Warhammer 40,000 game is all about.

Battle Report: Joint Task Force

Salamanders – Xeno Engagement – Eldar

Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Pitched
Points: 2,000
Army Played:  Black Templar Space Marines – Marshal Hortensius
Ally Army Played:  Space Marines – Salmanders
Army Opponent Played:  Xenos – Eldar Type


I don’t have army list for the other two armies as this was a “fun” game and I didn’t even ask, but here is a brief summary…

Salamander Space Marines (1,000 points)
+Land Raider Redeemer w/ Squad of Assault Terminators w/ Named Chapter Master
+5 man jump pack assault squad
+5 man scout/sniper squad
+10 man tactical squad

Eldar (2,000 points)
+Falcon – AntiVehicle Spec w/ Fire Dragons
+Falcon w/ Howling Banshees
+Falcon w/ Dire Avengers w/ Exarch
+Dire Avengers w/ Witch and Heavy Weapon Platform
+Dark Reapers Squad w/ Named Witch Eldrad
+5 xeno ranger squad
+5 xeno ranger squad
+4 xeno jet bike squad

Click here for more pictures and battle summary.

Lessons Learned
The best thing about this fight for me is that I got to see a totally different way to play Eldar and I have a much greater appreciation for my “Abhor the Witch” vow.  The xeno player really used his psychic powers to make his army very potent right where it needed to be, when it needed to be.

Never get in melee with Banshees.  They are ridiculous murdering machines.  I know that I routed a squad of them before with my EC, but really they need to be shot and taken out at range.

I don’t have a lot of solutions to well armored vehicles and being able to shut down the Falcons in the beginning of the game would have helped greatly.  I just don’t have the models to punch through that armor consistently.

I need to start carrying a list that deals specifically with this kind of psychic threat if I plan to fight this xeno player regularly.

I think the best strategy for this game would have been to kill the xeno troop choices and then concentrate on claiming only one object.  That was a possibility at the beginning of this game and could have lead to a win, albeit a bloody one, but that’s better than a bloody loss any day.

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