Painting Workshop

Jeremy’s doing a painting workshop for new painters. You get a brush, figure and paints to share. The best part: it’s free! Register after the link.

I’ve gone from novice to a quality I feel proud of in about a year. A lot of it is simply my education – I got my degree in art. I want to share with you some basic color theory I learned, and some easy tips on how light and shadow behave. That along with some very easy brush tricks will give you an incredibly solid foundation for painting your figures. It’s far easier than I ever thought, and painting has been incredibly rewarding to me.

We’re offering this class free of charge to make it easy on you to give painting a shot. That first figure can be intimidating – what if you ruin it? For this workshop you get a free figure and brush – yours to keep! – and we’ll provide paints for everyone to use.

Specifically, everyone gets one Tactical Space Marine from Warhammer 40,000 and one Citadel standard brush. We’ll assemble and prime them so you can get right to the good stuff. It’s all courtesy of Games Workshop. If you have brushes or your own figure you’d like to use, by all means bring it!

Want to help out? We could use a few hair dryers to speed up the drying time.

Registration Closed!

Sorry if you missed it. We have had such a huge response we’ve had to close registration for the event.

You can still come, but we don’t have any more free supplies. You’ll need your own figure and brush, although you can share paints during the workshop.

5 responses to “Painting Workshop”

  1. Lyle says:

    I’ll be out of town until 1/10, so hopefully you guys do this after that.

  2. Jeremy says:

    It’s a possibility. No promises!

  3. Cheryl Lynn Geraci says:

    Can I do it with my 7 year old?

  4. Jeremy says:

    Sure! The figures are very small (about an inch tall), and it’ll most likely be an evening, but if you think she’s up to it I’d be glad to have her there.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Just an update: we’re at 15 registered so far, so I might opt for two classes to cover the preferred days better. Maybe a Thursday and Saturday in early January?